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Dissertation Writing Service

Lagan offers a team of experienced academics and script writers to assist our clients. They are well equipped to provide support for students needing help with theses, dissertations and course projects at all levels ranging from undergraduate to Ph.D.. Our people can proof read scripts within a short period, advise corrections, and offer corrections/revisions that will raise standards, thereby enhancing the students examination prospects. We take a special interest in language usage and nuances, and it would be this area rather than subject matter which would form the bulk of our assistance programme.

NOTE: Lagan's help to students is provided entirely within the boundaries of public examination rules. We neither condone nor will we facilitate plagiarism or cheating.

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Book Reviews

Web Content Writing Service

Lagan's Book of the Month will be listed, along with a short critique, plus references to and announcements of our own writing and publishing plans. Titles pertaining to History, Politics (British, Irish and further afield), Theology and Church Affairs, International Relations, Biography/Autobiography, English literature and social commentary will all be covered in a manner that is balanced but fair to each author and his/her work. Lagan welcomes contributions from website visitors, and anyone wishing for a title to be reviewed should send to the Principal a 250-300 word word critique at the email address stated below.

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Memoirs Writing Service

Need a hand with penning together all those important memories of a career in sport, the world of arts, music, culture or public affairs? Structure, organisation and vocabulary are everything, as are expressing views on developments within your field. This process is not so easy or straight-forward as might first appear to be the case. We can offer experienced and capable script writers, sometimes referred to as ‘ghost writers’, to help. Contact Vincent in the first instance to discuss your plans and needs, and things can be taken forward from there … on strictest confidential terms.

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Lagan-Writing Service in UK

Mrs Mary Jane L. McKee
Promotional Co-ordinator

Welcome to our website. Lagan offers a professional service in written communications, drafting material and script writing of the highest standard. Additionally, for students, we provide decent tutorial support. It is our view that downgrading of the English language having accompanied the rapid growth of IT, this now holds serious consequences for students, professionals and the business world. While not posturing a Luddite stance, nevertheless English grammatical skills are essential for conducting effective business, education and other communications. Here at Lagan, we offer this service in various forms and to different clients. Our ways are professional, standards high, and track record of client satisfaction credible: -see overleaf testimonials from past clients. We hope to hear from you whenever you need our help in Gt Britain, Ireland or further afield.